• Introducing the FIIK Bundle, this bundle contains a 7" square blade cleaning microfiber cloth in addition there is a custom Velcro patch. The art is designed by Zeke, it features FIIK holding a pair of calipers and a medusa. This is a perfect pairing to go along with your goto balisong. The patch dimension is 1.88"x 1.91"
  • These are hand made in house by one of my closest friends out of premium oak tanned leather, dyed into a rich dark coffee, with a "neat lac" finish. Custom fit to the Medusa. Featuring an Ulti clip for the most versatile ways to carry. As these are genuine leather, there are some natural variations in color, but this will not affect the quality of the sheath.   *These will fit a handful of other balisongs most notably Machine wise products, but there is no guarantee that they will fit ALL balisongs*
  • Nail + FIIK Bundle

    The Nail! This is a titanium Pry-Spike that Zeke and I have been designing in the background. Zeke is an avid cyclist, and he wanted a self-defense spike that he could easily slip onto a pocket with minimal interference. The Nail weighs in at 2.5 oz and is 5.5" long, it goes right into a pocket, and it is the perfect size for prying tasks as well as fitting nicely into the palm of your hand for self-defense. Each nail also comes with a FIIK bundle
  • Includes 4 stickers total, 2x of each design. Made of high quality stickers, the hand sticker is aDie cut Holographick and the Fellowship Blades logo sticker is a semi gloss uv resistant vinyl.


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